Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Deadline: 18 June 2021

Cancellations must be notified in writing (email is sufficient) to the Conference Secretariat. Cancellations made by 18 June 2021 will result in a full refund less $150 to cover administration costs. As an alternative to cancellation, your registration may be transferred to another person by 18 June 2021 without incurring any cost penalty. There will be no refunds for virtual registrations. The Conference Secretariat must be advised in writing of any alterations or transfers. There will be no cancellation allowance for failure to secure a visa to Australia. In the event of the conference becoming completely virtual, the delegate will receive a refund of the difference between the in-person and virtual cost. The Local Organising Committee reserves final decision on a case by case basis for granting a cancellation in extenuating circumstances. It is recommended that travel insurance be secured personally upon registration.

Conference Postponement

In the event of a postponement, all registrations will automatically be transferred to the new conference dates. If you are unable to attend on the new dates, you may contact the Conference Secretariat to request a transfer of your registration to a colleague at no cost, or request a cancellation and refund which will incur a $150 administration fee up until the registration cancellation deadline.

Conference Cancellation

In the event of the cancellation of the conference, all registrations and associated components of attendance will be cancelled, and amounts refunded in full.

Australian State Borders Closed

In the event that state borders are closed between Friday 6 August and Saturday 7 August 2021 from your departing local area to Sydney or Melbourne, resulting in your inability to attend the conference in person, your registration will be transferred to a virtual registration and the difference will be refunded.


In registering for this conference relevant details (name/country) will be included in a delegate list for the benefit of all delegates, and also may be made available (if necessary) to parties directly related to the Conference including venues, accommodation providers, sponsors, key suppliers and future conferences. Your name and contact information may be used by the Conference Secretariat and other approved stakeholders, for marketing and event communications.


Please direct all enquiries to the Conference Secretariat.

Registration Enquiries

P: +61 3 9682 0500